Real-Time API Stable


The specification of the Real-Time Operations in TROLIE OpenAPI specification is now considered stable, closing the associated milestone. Specifically, no further changes are anticipated to the media type schemas and resource semantics–the HTTP verbs, paths, and status codes–for submitting ratings and retrieving in-use limit snapshots. We are naming this release 1.0.0-wip-realtime-stable to reflect that fact that the specification is still under development, but we believe the real-time operations effectively address the use cases that have been identified over the last several months.

This is effectively similar to the previous announced Forecasting milestone as an incremental step towards TROLIE 1.0.0.

Stable Use Cases

Implementors should consider the specification stable in its support of the following use cases:

  • Submitting Real-Time Ratings Proposals
  • Obtaining Real-Time Ratings Proposal Status
  • Obtaining Real-Time Limits Snapshots, including:
    • “Slim” snapshots that provide just the determined limits
    • Detailed snapshots that provide all of the inputs used by the Clearinghouse Provider to determine the limits, including all proposals and overrides.

Improved and Expanded Documentation

We continue to improve the documentation at In preparation for this release, we have:

Looking Ahead

Future milestones will include handling temporary AAR exceptions, seasonal ratings, and defining the peering profile which will specify how TROLIE implementations will integrate using only some simple configuration.

The specification will be updated accordingly without a version change until the next milestone is completed, remaining at 1.0.0-wip-realtime-stable even as future milestones is completed. However, any necessary changes to the forecasting operations will result in a version change and another announcement.